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Let People1st Save You Time and Money

The savings realized with IT consulting services go beyond hard dollar savings, yielding time savings and process improvements that further enhance productivity and stimulate growth.

We've identified the top five ways you'll save - or gain - by using our IT consulting services:

  1. Reduce IT costs and operating expenses.

    Managing and maintaining your own full-time IT department is rarely the most cost-effective option for small businesses. Recruitment, salary, and labor costs can eat up a large chunk of your IT budget. Not only are these costs reduced or eliminated using People1st IT consulting services, but you also gain the flexibility of expanding - or scaling back - IT resources on an as-needed basis. Moreover, you'll enjoy stable, controlled IT costs that are budgeted and planned.

  2. Take advantage of our economies of scale and purchasing power

    We know exactly what to build and how to get you the best deal. It's our business to know every trend, every technology, and every service available. We have an installed base of knowledge, resources, and the vendor relationships that allow us to deliver solutions efficiently - in terms of both cost and time.

  3. Spend your time more wisely

    The time you currently spend researching, implementing and supporting your IT services will be much better spent doing what you do best - running your business. When utilized correctly and fully, information technology will put a wealth of information at your fingertips. Information that can make you more profitable, allow you to grow your business, and minimize your risk.

  4. Reduce costly downtime and security risks

    There is no getting around the fact that business today is performed electronically. Every minute of downtime costs you money and tarnishes your reputation. Huge security threats can go unnoticed by an untrained eye. The IT consulting services offered by ITFirst will keep you up and running 24/7 while defending your data against anything and everything seeking to compromise it.

  5. Equip your employees with the right tools to grow your business.

    Communication, collaboration, and cooperation are the cornerstones of a successful business. Give your employees the tools they need to work smarter. Provide them with a stable technology infrastructure. Allow them a competitive edge. Not only will you attract better employees, you will keep them.

Your business will realize measurable cost savings using IT consulting services.

According to Gartner research, total IT expenditure for small businesses is reduced by 20%-30% when they utilize information technology outsourcing. And they realize a 30% greater return on investment than firms that don't.

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