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Why People 1st

One-Stop Solution Support for Your IT Needs

People1st Managed IT Support Services is designed to establish a single point of accountability, so you don't have to spend your time coordinating IT support services.

Here, you can enjoy a personal relationship with our IT team. We see IT from your perspective, and make recommendations based on your company's specific needs.

At People1st, we believe that no matter how you choose to work with us, you deserve a personal relationship based on respect and listening. It's the foundation from which we'll support your IT needs and goals.

Whether you need part time network and other IT management services or would like to have us professionally manage all your IT needs 24/7, you'll receive nothing less than the highest quality of service from an experienced IT professional.

How do I know People1st might benefit my business?

People1st uses an integrated, automated service delivery model that helps to reduce downtime by streamlining problem identification and resolution across your organization.

It also enables us to watch for long-term opportunities to reduce outages in your environment and to work closely with you to make improvements.

Transform your business for consistent results

We are ready to listen. For over 9 years People1st has been helping small businesses in San Francisco and the Bay Area make smart, informed IT decisions. Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll make it happen.

FREE Network Analysis:

Contact us today for a free consultation. Does your current IT consultant see the big picture? Are you a business owner feeling overwhelmed by complicated IT demands? Put us to work. For a limited time, we’re offering a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experts will identify opportunities, assess your current risk, and plot a roadmap to a successful operation.